Holidaze Boat Rentals, Fishermen's Village, Punta GordaHolidaze Boat Rentals, Fishermen's Village, Punta GordaHolidaze Boat Rentals, Fishermen's Village, Punta Gorda

Helpful Hints

Obey all Rules-of-the-Road but do not count on the other boaters’ adherence to them. Your foremost obligation is to avoid any hazardous situations, even by giving way to a give-way vessel. Stay clear of all commercial vessels and sailing vessels (operating solely under sail). It is important to realize that not all boaters know of or adhere to the Rules-of-the-Road. It is up to you to avoid any hazardous situations by making your intentions very clear through early and obvious course changes.

When making course or speed changes, survey the waters around you and especially behind you to verify that no other boat is being jeopardized by your course or speed change. Also make sure that the course change will not lead you into shallow water.

Make sure that you know your position at all times. In case of questions, contact Holidaze by Cell Phone (941) 505-8888).

Stay clear of all areas identified on the chart with water depths of 4 ft. or less. Enter those water depths at slow speeds, only.

Stay clear of all styrofoam buoys or other floaters identifying crab traps deployed or divers in the water, of all anchor lines of anchoring vessels and of fishing lines. If you catch them with your propeller, stop the engine immediately, anchor and inform Holidaze.

In case, you encounter a wake created by another vessel, throttle down and steer the boat under a 45 deg. angle into the wake. After having passed the wake, return to your original course and speed. Under no circumstances have your boat parallel to a wake or higher waves. Be aware that every boater is responsible for the wake his boat is generating and possible damages his wake is causing.

When anchoring, position the boat against the wind or current (whichever is stronger) and let the anchor and anchor line slide into the water. Do not throw the anchor since the line can entangle not allowing the anchor to bite. Pay out at least 5 times the water depth (6 ft. water depth => 30 feet of anchor line). Pull on the anchor line to help the anchor to bite. Observe a fixed object frequently to verify that the anchor is holding. Under no circumstances, tie the anchor line to a midships or stern cleat. When pulling up the anchor make sure that the anchor chain or the anchor does not touch the gelcoat since it will damage the gelcoat. Never place the anchor and anchor chain outside of its designated compartment since it will damage the gelcoat.

Remember : If you go “South or Out” the color of the navigational markers have to match the color of the navigational lights of the boat (applies to Florida West Coast, only). If you steer a southerly course on the ICW (going “South”) or if you leave a harbor, a river or marked inlets (going “Out”) the red markers have to be on your left side and the green markers have to be on your right side. Of course, if you go “North or In”, the colors have to be reversed (Red-Right-Returning).