• 23′ Fundeck added to the fleet!
    23′ Fundeck added to the fleet!

    A Fundeck is a great way to see the harbor! Seats up to 12 and can go all the way to the islands!

    Our newest boat! 22′ Hurricane Sun Deck!! Rent it today!!
    Our newest boat! 22′ Hurricane Sun Deck!! Rent it today!!

    Holds up to 10 people for cruising the harbor, the river, the canals!

    The dolphins miss you!!
    The dolphins miss you!!

    Come rent a boat! We’re open!!

    Our newest boat! It looks like a pontoon, but it’s not!
    Our newest boat! It looks like a pontoon, but it’s not!

    This 22′ Hurricane Fun Deck can zip to the islands or cruise the canals! It can go up the Peace River or just float! >

    Holidaze Boat Rental
    Holidaze Boat Rental

    Come to Fishermen’s Village and
    see us for all your boating needs! We have 10
    boats to choose from!


    The dolphins are playful in Charlotte Harbor!


    The beaches in the Charlotte Harbor are spectacular!

    Kayak Tours!
    Kayak Tours!

    Kayak Tours now available!  See the Peace River, Charlotte Harbor, and more!


    See what you are missing if you aren’t renting a boat out on Charlotte Harbor!

    Stand Up Paddle Board
    Stand Up Paddle Board

    Come try a paddle board!   It’s a workout!

    SURREY BIKE! With the fringe on top!
    SURREY BIKE! With the fringe on top!

    We now have a 4 seater Surrey Bike for rent!  You and your friends and family can bike
    around Punta Gorda or the Harbor Walk that
    surrounds the town!  Call now!  Plan a party on the bike!

  • Places to go by boat!

    Charlotte Harbor… Peace River…Canals of PGI…Island hopping

    Cayo Costa Island

     Cayo Costa

    Cayo Costa is owned by the State of Florida which managed it since the 1860s. Between 1000 A.D. and the 1700s, it was inhabited by the Caloosa Indians and in later years by fishermen. Today, it is virtually uninhabited and accessible by boat, only.
    This island features 7 Miles of secluded,

    pristine beaches, nature trails, and a variety of animals, some of which are endangered. More than 175 bird species can be found on Cayo Costa, along with other wildlife.

    Activities include sunbathing at the beach, searching for shells and shark teeth, snorkeling, or just walking along the nature trails or the beaches. It is a unique experience you will enjoy. Regardless of what you will do on the island, when you leave you are looking forward to your next trip to Cayo Costa.

    We recommend to make this a whole-day excursion. It will take you between 35 to 70 min. depending on the boat and the speed you choose.

    You can not buy any refreshments or food on the island, so you have to bring it with you. Travel light if you plan to walk from the boat dock to the beaches. As an alternative, the State Park Authorities maintain a shuttle service between the boat docks and the beaches.

    If you prefer to eat at a restaurant, the famous Cabbage Key Inn is only 10 minutes to the South on Cabbage Key – accessible by boat, only.

    Cayo Costa 2Cayo Costa 3

    Peace River

     Peace1 The Peace River is a slow moving, 100-Mile-long river which you should explore and enjoy at a slow pace on a Pontoon/ Tritoon, Deckboat or Skiff. Take along lunch and drinks to be enjoyed in a quiet and undisturbed Florida setting or eat at the Nav-A-Gator, an old-style Floridian restaurant, located one hour upriver.
    Only along the Southern section, homes can be seen which give way to a serene and undisturbed scenery. Starting after a 15-Minute boat ride, you will see the lush green of mangroves, palm trees and other vegetation, not noticing that you are in fact only minutes from civilization. The boat ride will be exciting but very relaxing and enjoyable. On the way you have the chance to observe bird nesting grounds and islands, as well as other wildlife, like manatees and alligators. Take your time on this trip and relax.

    We suggest that you take the Western river branch to go upriver and return using the Eastern branch of the Peace River.

    In general, the boat traffic on the river is very light. Possibly, you might not even encounter a single boat on your trip making it possible to anchor and enjoy the serene environment.
    Do not forget your camera, or you can buy one at our office (in case, you did forget it). It will be worthwhile because of the unique setting which you can only experience from the water.



    Gasparilla Sound / Boca Grande

     GASPARILLA Enjoy Gasparilla Sound with its turquoise water, small islands and bird sanctuaries. The fishing is great and a stop at Gasparilla Island with the waterfront community of Boca Grande is a must. Gasparilla Sound is home to unique wildlife which attracts wildlife
    photographers from around the world.
    Just anchor in or cruise the Sound and enjoy the wildlife, i.e. dolphins, white pelicans, and other marine species. It will be a relaxing day in a protected marine environment which can only be  experienced by boat.
    It will take you between 25 – 45 Minutes to reach the Gasparilla Sound. Make it a whole-day excursion in this enjoyable environment.
    Bring your own lunch or set course for one of the dockside restaurants.  (The Fishery in Cape Haze, or the Pink Elephant in Boca Grande).Make sure you cruise the waterways on Gasparilla Island with its unique (and very expensive) waterfront homes and downtown Boca Grande.GASPARILLA2

    Pine Island Sound


    Pine Island Sound features the barrier islands Cayo Costa, Captiva, and Sanibel Islands, as well as the smaller islands of Cabbage Key and Useppa. All of them are very attractive destinations, as well as the boating in these waters. Beautiful turquoise water, pristine beaches, and a variety
    of dockside restaurants make the Pine Island Sound a must to explore.

    Whether you visit one of the beaches or just boat in these waters – it is an unforgettable trip, especially if you stop at one of the dockside restaurants in their typical Floridian settings. It is tradition that you sign a One-Dollar bill and fix it to the wall or ceiling of the old-style restaurants Cabbage Key Inn and Barnacle’s Phil. Their walls and ceilings are covered with them.

    It will take you between 45 – 90 Minutes if you want to go as far South as Captiva Island, depending on the boat and the speed you choose.

    Great fishing spots are in the passes between the individual barrier islands- just anchor in one the passes and fish and enjoy the day.




    Don Pedro State Park

     Don pedro If you want to spend a day on a secluded beach, sunbathing, relaxing, or hunting for shark teeth, Don Pedro State Park is the right place for you. It is a great destination for the whole family. Pristine beaches and great facilities will make this day a day to remember. Don Pedro State Park is accessible by boat, only and we have
    seen never more than 2 or 3 boats docked at the docks. You rarely find anybody on the beach. So look at it as if it is your private beach.
    You cannot buy any food or refreshments in Don Pedro State Park, so bring them with you. The Park features a huge covered sitting and eating area, as well as showers and restrooms, making it possible to spend the whole day there.

    When you are not at the beach you can explore this State Park by walking along the nature trails. Take along your camera. You can take interesting pictures in the Park and on the way to Don Pedro State Park in the Intracoastal Waterway. Usually, you find dolphins, manatees, and possibly large stingrays on your way to the Park.

    Don Pedro2



    There are many interesting attractions for you to explore or simply relax on one of our many beautiful beaches…





    Dockside Restaurants

    When cruising Charlotte Harbor and the surrounding waters,
    you are never far away from a place to enjoy a snack, a meal or just a cold