Cayo Costa ShorelineCayo Costa is owned by the State of Florida, which has managed it since the 1860’s. Between 1000 A.D. and the 1700s, it was inhabited by Caloosa Indians and, in later years, by fishermen. Today, it is virtually uninhabited and accessible by boat only.

This island features 7 Miles of secluded, pristine beaches, nature trails and a variety of animals, some of which are endangered. More than 175 bird species can be found on Cayo Costa, along with other wildlife.

Activities can include sunbathing at the beach, searching for shells and shark teeth, snorkeling, and just walking along the nature trails or the beaches. It is a unique experience you will enjoy. Regardless of what you will do on the island, when you leave you are looking forward to your next trip to Cayo Costa.

Cayo Costa BeachCayo Costa Beach shrubs with red flowers​We recommend making this a whole-day excursion. To get there, it will take between 35 to 70 minutes, depending on the boat and the speed you choose.

You can not buy any refreshments or food on the island, so bring a picnic and water with you. Travel light if you plan to walk from the boat dock to the beaches. However, the State Park runs a shuttle service during the day between the boat docks and the beach.

If you prefer to eat at a restaurant, the famous Cabbage Key Inn is only 10 minutes to the south on Cabbage Key – also accessible only by boat.