How to Rent a Boat from Holidaze Boat Rentals

Requirements, Restrictions, Payment & Cancellation

Payment: A credit or debit card is required to rent a boat, kayak or SUP board from Holidaze Boat Rentals. Payment will be due when you arrive to pick-up your rental.

Requirements to Rent: To rent a motorized boat, you must have boating experience. For those born after 1988, a Boater’s Safety Course and a valid driver’s license are also required.

Cancellations: Reservation must be canceled 24-hours in advance or there will be a “No Show” fee of $75 ($150 if reservation was for a Holiday.) Please call us if weather prevents you from picking-up your reservation.

How to Reserve Online:

  1. From the Rent page, find the item you wish to rent and click “Reserve”
  2. Review the item details and availability
  3. Choose the date and time you want to pick-up the item and a rental length and click “Reserve.”
  4. Confirm the rental details and click “Request Reservation”
  5. Add your contact and click “Place Order”
  6. You will receive a confirmation email.  We will contact you by phone to confirm your rental details.