Welcome to the HOLIDAZE Pre-Paid Program!

Remember when you or a friend owned a boat and how expensive, time consuming and sometimes frustrating it was to keep it up – especially after it had not been used for awhile? OR, when you wanted to use it and it wouldn’t run? Remember all the maintenance and cleaning, too?

Forget all that!

You want the perfect boat; one that meets all requirements in size, hull design, cost, seating, etc. We have one for you! We have assembled a fleet of Center Consoles, Deck boats, and Pontoons to navigate all the waters from the shallow Peace River to Charlotte Harbor and the canals! It’s easy!

Benefits of the HOLIDAZE Pre-Paid Prgram!

* Use any available boat in our fleet at Fishermen’s Village
* Pay only for fuel used when you’re done boating
* Your hours can be transferred within your immediate family
* Holidaze’s terms and conditions apply
* You can choose the plan that best suit your needs


  • 20 hours: $1000 – good for 1 year
  • 40 hours: $1900 – good for 2 years
  • 80 hours: $3600 – good for 3 years

Contact us for more information at 941-505-8888